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Nuclear non-proliferation, equipment modernization, and infrastructure management, these are some of the missions of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).

NNSA’s innovative G2 project optimizes investments of taxpayer dollars for a wide scope of mission-critical activities. 

G2 gives NNSA Headquarters, Field Offices, and DOE Sites the ability to analyze key data.  Users can access real-time data from anywhere, anytime.

Acato has provided software quality for the G2 project since its inception.  The G2 project has been recognized by the Project Management Institute as the 2010 Distinguished Project, the first time a federally-funded project was awarded by the PMI.

The software quality program established by Acato was cited as one of the reasons for the award. Our ability to give our clients software with built-in quality is making federal programs continue to run well.

Since 2010, the G2 project has been recognized with many awards, including NDIA Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI) Excellence in Information Award and two Excellence Awards from NNSA.


Emergency response, restoring power, saving lives – that’s the mission of the EAGLE-I project.

Acato designed, implemented, and executes the SQA program for the Environment for Analysis of Geo-Located Energy Information (EAGLE-I), the first technology ever to track power outages across the nation.


EAGLE-I automatically collects electrical service grid status from utility company websites, replacing tedious hours of emails and telephone calls.  The system covers 90% of all electricity customers across the country and maps the data into a near-real-time picture of the nation’s grid status – what’s up and running, where outages exist when service is restored. 


Since 2002 with Hurricane Sandy, the system has informed decisions to mitigate human and economic impacts from natural disasters.  The quality of the system is the quality of the decisions.

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