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Our Story

Our founder, President, and CEO, Cathy Toth, built Acato Information Management with a simple passion:  to make lives better for her clients. 

Better software tools make your job easier and life better.

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Making Software Work Better

 We make software work better for our clients, helping you achieve your goals and make better business decisions.

Bridging Gaps

Our professional team members are fluent in the language of business and the language of development. We bridge the gap to keep our clients front and center.

Image by John Schnobrich
Image by Max Kleinen
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Award-Winning Team

Our work has been recognized by the Project Management Institute, AFEI, and NNSA.  We won our second excellence award for our vital contributions to the G2 project. Our team prides itself on our commitment to rising to the top of our field and our clients think so too!

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