When it comes to organizational structure our favorite color is...


Acato is working towards forming a Teal organizational management structure.  Characterized by self-management, wholeness, and a deeper sense of purpose, organizations described as “Teal” operate largely without organization charts, management hierarchies, quarterly goals or other traditional management strategies. Instead, they’re characterized by features like self-managed teams, intuitive reasoning and decentralized decision-making.


Self-management is an important factor. Team members have greater autonomy and they coordinate more effectively with their colleagues. Unlike traditional organizational types, power does not depend on the designation. Teal organizations use an approach based on peer relationships and distributed authority and this method does not need consensus or hierarchy.


Characterized by a sense of inclusion, and a drive to view and treat all people as equal a Teal organization has a purpose of its own.


Instead of attempting to predict and control the direction of the organization, members strive to listen and understand where the organization is naturally drawn to go.