Acato Provides Software Quality Assurance Services…

What is SQA?

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a process to identify problems that affect reliability, maintainability, availability, integrity, security, functionality or usability as early in the software development lifecycle as possible. Problems identified early are easier and less expensive to fix.

To be effective, SQA practices must be an integral part of the software development lifecycle and well-matched to the overall development approach. Acato tailors SQA processes for projects utilizing Agile, waterfall, or hybrid development methodologies. The processes focus on understanding the business problem and the technical solution such that the final product provides excellent business value.

Risk is part of any software development project. Establishing a sound SQA process mitigates risk by accurately determining and communicating the state of the product, which enables good business decisions. Acato SQA processes focus first on the highest priority features and tests are designed to ensure that major objectives are not derailed by lower priority items.

Acato SQA processes accomplish three objectives:
1. Answer the question: Does the product satisfy the customer’s needs?
  • Assess functionality and usability
  • Validate against requirements
2. Enable good business decisions
  • Accurately assess and communicate the state of the product
  • Manage Risk
3. Maximize usability and user experience
  • Gain user acceptance
Acato SQA Services Include:
  • Designing and Implementing SQA processes
  • Establishing requirements and acceptance criteria
  • Creating test plans and procedures
  • Tracking defects and coordinating issue resolution
  • Designing validation and integration strategies
  • Providing data quality analysis
  • Performing load and performance testing