Software is everywhere - it is expensive, and it drives decisions


 Software can solve problems or create them. How do you know if you built or bought the right solution? Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a process to identify problems that affect reliability, maintainability, availability, integrity, security, functionality or usability as early in the software development lifecycle as possible.


Problems identified early are easier and less expensive to fix.

Testing software is important because software is created by humans and humans can make mistakes - some are unimportant, but some can be expensive or even dangerous; ask yourself “would I fly in a plane or drive a car if I knew they had not been tested?”.

We enable our customers to make good business decisions by continually asking,“is what you are buying or making going to help your business improve?”.

Every software project is unique. Acato customizes SQA processes are customized for individual project goals. Our customers consistently praise the team for both achieving milestones and product quality

Acato has fully embraced Agile tenets and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to successfully meet or exceed project demands for quality and schedule.

Acato’s proven testing processes accurately assess and communicate

a software product’s state, validate the product against requirements, and evaluate usability, all in support of enabling sound business decisions by our customers, sponsors, and stakeholders.


Acato's systematic, yet flexible, approach aligns testing with project and organizational objectives, collects the information stakeholders need, verifies all defined requirements have been satisfied and validates that the product meets user expectations. Our approach cultivates quality mindsets and team ownership.