Our business is built on three core values:  Integrity, Service and Joy

Each is the outgrowth of our passion to treat every customer, every project, and each other in the way we want to be treated - with respect and sincere attention.

Just as we do with our software quality assurance, SQA testing and quality software management for clients, we approach our everyone in the sphere with our core values in mind.


We value the qualities and attributes that embody integrity: 

Honesty, authenticity, fairness, reliability, and respect.


In living out integrity, we:​

  • choose what is right over what may be more fun, easy(ier), or expedient

  • choose courage, in speaking and in action, over comfort;

  • do what we said we would do;

  • are brave in admitting mistakes and generous in the remedy


Service is about stewardship, the care we take with our work, our customers, and our colleagues.


In living our value of service, we:​

  • listen carefully first to understand what is needed;

  • extend respect to each other, to our partners, and to our customers;

  • attend to details, including being thorough, thoughtful, and compassionate in our work and all interactions with others;

  • observe needs and find solutions whenever we are capable without being asked or told to do so.


We strive to create a workplace that supports the intrinsic drive of each person (autonomy, mastery, and purpose) and that honors the unique perspective and contribution of each person as we pursue our overall purpose.

In pursuit of joy, we;

  • recognize we are deeply connected and part of a larger whole;

  • assume positive intent with our customers and colleagues, that each person is doing their best with what they know and with the resources available;

  • cultivate a workplace where we can learn from mistakes in our pursuit of mastery;

  • take ownership of our intentions, and maximize our return on people.