Acato's business is built on our Values of Integrity, Service, and Joy


We live these            in our daily work as we commit to understanding each Customer’s business and use our expertise in service of their goals.








Acato's business is making lives better – the lives of our customers, the lives of our company partners, and the lives of our team members. Our business expertise is quality assurance and software testing. Regardless of the industry, every company today is a software company, The quality of your software determines how well your processes work, how happy your employees are when utilizing software, how good your decisions are, and how agile you can be in the marketplace.


Since its inception in 2010, Acato has leveraged its knowledge of our customers' businesses to provide exemplary customer service, acting as a seamless partner with them and other subcontractors, to ensure that custom-developed software adds business value.


Acato’s proven testing processes accurately assess and communicate a software product’s state, validate the product against requirements, and evaluate usability.






How do you know if you built or bought the right solution?  How can you be sure it will serve your processes and suit your business needs? The Acato team of engineers, computer scientists, and subject matter experts bring a structured and adaptive approach to quality software, to suit the distinct characteristics of each project.

We bridge the gap between the business owner and the development team, select the most efficient test techniques, and align processes to achieve business value. 

In a Meeting

We strive to create a workplace where joy results from meaningful work done well. Without joy and meaning in work, the workforce cannot perform at its potential.

We value the attributes that embody integrity:  honesty, authenticity, fairness, reliability, and respect.

Service is about stewardship, the care we take with our work, our customers, and our colleagues.